Take Control of Your Swimming Pool


C - Conserve

O - One Exceptional Barrier

N - Nine Month Swim Season

T - Technology and Automation

R - Relax

O - One Gatekeeper - You!

L - Love that view


C - Conserve. The automatic steel cable Save T 3 slashes consumption of swimming pool resources: water (save 94%), electricity (save up to 70%), heat energy (save 80%), equipment repair and replacement (save up to 65%), chemicals (save up to 70%).


O - One Exceptional Barrier. Only one has been on the market for fifty years with 150,000 installations and no drowning accidents on our covered pools. Protect your most valuable assets with the automatic steel cable Save T 3.


N - Nine Month Swim Season. The normal North Texas swim season lasts for four and one half months. Use the automatic steel cable Save T 3 along with your pool heater to Double it to nine months—AND DO IT FOR FREE—NO additional energy expense year-to-year. Do the math. Is it worth spending extra up front to increase the pool fun by 100%—year after year? Call and ask for our information on “Financial Logic.”


T - Technology and Automation. With advanced technology the automatic steel cable Save T 3 talks to your pool system and makes things happen automatically when your pool is covered.


R - Relax. In the off season, the automatic steel cable Save T 3 will have you in the big chair watching the game—not at poolside removing leaves.


O - One Gatekeeper - You! With the automatic steel cable Save T 3 you alone decide—nothing enters the pool without your permission—No leaves, No Dirt, No Sun and No Children.


L - Love that view. The automatic steel cable Save T 3 allows you have both a safe pool, and that beautiful view. Call for information on how to use the Save T 3 in tandem with other safety barriers for maximum visibility.






Save-T3 steel cable covers are state of the art automatic pool covers. Our Save-T3 automatic cover offers the easiest way to keep your pool covered.


Simply turn a key or press a button, and your pool is protected in under a minute.


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For installation of the Save-T 3® automatic covers, we work with builders and pool owners throughout North Texas, Southern Oklahoma, and Eastern Louisiana.


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