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Manual / Safety Covers


The Step-Saver is a manual pool cover that's convenient enough for daily use since there are no bothersome straps, no sandbags, and no anchors are required to hold it in place. The Step-Saver is an economical alternative to an automatic cover, offering the same life-saving and money-saving benefits at about half the price. The manual system uses the same track as the Save-T 3 automatic cover to guide the fabric along your pool.


The Step-Saver cover moves through low-profile tracks to cover and uncover the pool, then stores on its own reel when not in use. Your pool can be covered in less than 60 seconds.



Most manual pool covers require two people to place the cover on or take the cover off the pool, but in some instances one person can operate the Step-Saver system. If at a later date you decide you'd like to upgrade your system to an automatic cover, you can use your existing track and add power with a Save-T 3 motor and mechanism.


Customize your pool cover


Your Step-Saver manual pool cover system is made especially for your pool. Each custom Step-Saver system includes standard or optional components from the following list.


Track system


With Cover-Pools unique component track accessories, any pool--whether concrete, vinyl or fiberglass, rectangular or freeform, new or existing--can be covered.


Lid, bench, or other mechanism housing



Cover-Pools offers many options to protect and hide the mechanism and keep your pool beautiful. For deck-mounted mechanisms, take a look at the optional bench frame system or Everlast™ bench kit.


Manual cover operation


Original turn handle


Our standard turn-handle system makes removal of the pool cover on a standard-sized pool a less strenuous task than "anchor" type covers.


Power Wheel™ (optional)


The Power Wheel option facilitates cover removal by letting you use both leg and arm muscles to uncover the pool. This option also allows operation from inside a recessed housing.






Cover-Pools offers eleven standard premium fabric colors for your pool cover. You can also choose from an extended collection of special-order colors.



Automatic water-removal pump


Automatic water-removal pumps come standard with every new system.



Safety Covers


LoopLoc is the only company known for manufacturing safety pool covers strong and tough enough to support an elephant. Any pool. Any size. Any style, LOOP-LOC offers you a safety cover designed to provide the ultimate in protection that works for your lifestyle and your sense of style.


LoopLoc Pool Covers:


  • Keep leaves and debris out during Fall & Winter
  • Let rain drain through, avoiding "puddles"
  • Reduce off-season maintenance
  • Cover gaps so kids or pets can't slip in
  • Yes, it's that strong!


Can be custom-made to fit any shape or size



  • With installation, cost on average pools from $1,800 to $5,800
  • Cost depends on complexity of shape and size
  • When cover is off, anchors go flush with deck


We install Loop-Loc® Pool Covers in the greater


Dallas / Fort Worth area.



For a one-on-one consultation or to request a quote, give us a call at (214) 321-4029 or use our online form.