Retrofit Your Pool with an Automatic Cover


We cover existing pools by placing low-profile track near the edge of the pool. The cover mechanism can be housed either underground (recessed) or on top of the deck (deck-mounted).


To cover an existing swimming pool with a pool cover system, consider these questions:


  • Can the track system be installed at the widest part of the pool with the tracks running parallel to each other?
  • Is there room at one end of the pool to accommodate the pool cover mechanism?
  • Are there any obstructions (raised spa, fountains, boulders, etc.) that would prevent our track placement along the pool edge?



Universal and SnapTop™ Universal Tracks


The Universal track system uses an adjustable dual-wheel assembly to guide the cover smoothly along the length of the pool. This versatile track is a low-profile aluminum guide similar to a door threshold.



The SnapTop™ Universal track offers the added feature of concealed screws.





Do not walk or stand on cover except in an emergency.


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